Taking Your Relationship to All New Heights

Taking Your Relationship to All New Heights
Taking Your Relationship to All New Heights

A lot of women’s magazines, TV shows and other media designed ‘just for women’ tend to take a certain approach to relationships. The tendency ends up being to try and sell women on the concept of a relationship being about emotional needs getting satisfied, romantic cravings that all women are said to be born with or even to focus on the domestic practical reasons that women enter into a relationship, such as to raise children and know a man will be there to provide some of the work. Sounds good, right?

Well, let’s adjust this picture just a little bit. What happens if you ask a man what a relationship is about? After all, women are just 50% of any relationship that they are in, the same as the man.

No matter what women want to tell each other, we do need a man’s perspective.

An actual man, not a TV guy who knows how to say the things that are going to raise the ratings of his show. No, we can pretty easily figure out the number 1 thing that any male is going to value about a steady relationship if we can get that male to answer us honestly. Can you get what answer he’s going to give? It’s two words long and it starts with the word ‘regular’. The next word has 3 letters in it. Come on, you can guess…

That’s right; men want ‘regular sex’ on a regular basis. That’s why they date a woman. That’s why they propose and when they get married that’s what they hope they’ll be able to share with the girl of their dreams. Now it would be easy enough to talk about how ‘shallow’ that might be, but is it really? Don’t women want the same things? Chances are good that they do because every other women’s magazine as a love and sex advice columnists. So we know that if we struggle with issues of low desire and dreaming of passion. Think of all the romance novels with their torrid passages and the answer is very, very clear: women, too want regular sex!

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So when that sexual longing seems to drift away, when that passion is lacking and orgasms start to sound about as believable as unicorns, it’s time to start looking into a real solution. You don’t need chemical based pharmaceuticals that are going to throw your body into some uncharted territory with side effects. With HerSolution in pill or HerSolution Gel form you can get results today. If you prefer a topical crème and you want instant results then Vigorelle can provide your answers. Provestra is a whole body solution for women who love a natural remedy rich in herbs and properly balanced for helping them maintain excellent health.

Your options are only limited by your own desire to bring your relationship back to its core, the regular sex you both want so you can bond emotionally through the language of touch and the experience of shared pleasures.

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