Black Mask ™ against pimples and blackheads

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Black Mask ™ against pimples and blackheads
Black Mask ™ against pimples and blackheads

Facing skin problems? You are not the only one…That is why Royal Black Mask was invented-a professional way of deep cleansing of the facial skin.

Owing to black mask you will get rid of blackheads, spots, acne and scars.

Why is BlackMask that effective?

Black Mask – cleansing the face
Black Mask – cleansing the face

The efficiency of the acne mask – BlackMask

  • 91% of the research subjects noticed the effect after the first application.
  • 84% of the researched women observed their skin looked younger after 14 days of using the mask.
  • 93% of the examined got rid of the spots and blackheads after the first complete monthly treatment.

BlackMask is active in all skin types

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Black Mask - the essential ingredients: bamboo charcoal, provitamin B5, wheat germs, grapefruit oil.
Black Mask – the essential ingredients: bamboo charcoal, provitamin B5, wheat germs, grapefruit oil.

The benefits of the facial mask – the so-called black mask

The rich formula of the mask fights off acne, blackheads and scars

  • 100% natural composition of the mask – BlackMask ensures a guaranteed result.
  • 8 times stronger potency of the natural vitamins and minerals.
  • The mask enriched with PROVITAMIN 5 – effective in the fight against skin imprefections.
  • Maximum effect at a low price.
  • No side effects.
  • Black Mask is easy to use and painless to remove.

How to use anti-acne mask?

The application of the mask against acne and blackheads is very easy. You can do it yourself and save on the appointments at the beautician’s.
All you have to do is to make 3 simple steps:

  • Apply a relatively thick layer of the preparation onto the problematic areas, remembering to avoid the areas around eyes and the spots covered with hair, scratches or grazes. You can see the properly applied mask in the photo below.
  • Leave the mixture for 25 minutes. The mask will dry up and become flexible. The active substances contained in the black mask will get deep into the skin and start to act.
  • Remove the mask with one swift move. Wash down the residues with cool water. Repeat the procedure 3 times a week.
Using the anti-acne mask - Black Mask
Using the anti-acne mask – Black Mask

How long will the full tratment with the BlackMask last?

The effects of using the cleansing mask will appear right after the first application. In order to achieve the best results it’s recommended to undergo the complete skin cleansing treatment, which last for one month – 3 times a week.

Black mask applied on face
Black mask applied on face

Customers reviews on Black Mask

Joana, aged 34

Basing on my experience, black mask is a highly effective means against acne. Skin problems is an ailment that have been haunting me since I was 10. No matter what I was using, nothing worked. When I heard of the Royal Black Mask, I decided to order it at once. The result? After 2 weeks of using I couldn’t believe my own eyes. Look at the photos yourself. The condition of my skin improved greatly and I get the impression, that I’m more beautiful.

Claudia, aged 25

My face before using the black mask looked awful! Right after buying I decided to undergo the complete treatment – no matter what will come about on the way. I didn’t have to wait long for the results. What I accomplished due to BlackMask made me truly happy! The pimples almost entirely disappeared! The skin is clearer and looks beautiful, it’s almost velvety. Previously I could only dream about such effects. I have no acne or blackheads. I’m happy.


The composition of Black Mask ™

The mask against pimples and blackheads – BlackMask ™ has a very rich composition, which guarantees positive effects right after the first application. The unique composition of the preparation was designed with the view of all people who have skin problems, and was well-proven with numerous dermatological research and opinions of the satisfied customers. The best effects can be attained by using it for a month – 3 times a week.

The component
of the mask for skin
Black Mask
Action descriprion
influence on the skin


Wheat germs is a natural ingredient of the preparation. Wheat germ oil facilitates tissue regeneration, softens, nourishes, heals, cleanses, induces anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, improves blood circulation and skin condition. Wheat germ oil contains such components as: Omega-3 fatty acid, Vitamin E, tocopherols, carotenoids, beta-carotene, lecithin, methionine, squalane, phytosterol, B vitamins such as vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B5 pantothenic acid, vitamin B9 (folic acid), vitamins A and D, trace elements – zinc, iron, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, proteins, allantoin.


Squalen is a completely natural ingredient produced from olive oil. Squalene oil is a source of fatty acids for the skin, prevents moisture loss through the skin, normalizes skin respiration, prevents premature aging. The oil has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and at the same time does not leave greasy stains, causes pleasant-to-the-touch feel, has a protective effect. Squalene oil does not allow moisture to escape from the surface of the skin. Effective for all skin types. Individual intolerance is possible.


Used as provitamin B5. It has a healing, moisturizing and soothing potency. Panthenol is converted to pantothenic acid after penetration into the skin. Both compounds prove the same biological properties. Vitamin B is found in every living cell. Panthenol is used in skin and hair care preparations, thanks to the ability to penetrate into their structure. It gives skin a feeling of smoothness. No harmful impact on the skin or body were detected. Individual intolerance may be possible.


Used as a substance forming an outer layer of the skin, that retains water inside. Effective for all skin types. A completely safe ingredient if used as directed. Collagen – the main protein of connective tissue. It has a very high tensile strength and is the main component of tendons. It is responsible for skin elasticity. The loss of collagen from the skin causes the formation of wrinkles. Possible individual intolerance.


Bamboo charcoal is a natural ingredient that deeply cleanses the skin of the face. Powdered bamboo charcoal penetrates deeply into the pores of the skin, purifying it from impurities and harmful substances. Coal effectively combats the blackheads and heals the sebaceous glands. It is effective for any skin type. Completely safe ingredient.


Grapefruit oil brightens, strengthens and narrows the pores. It also helps to regenerate th skin. The extract is completely safe! Ingredient of vegetable origin. Possible allergic reaction in people with individual grapefruit intolerance. Use carefully during pregnancy.


Polyvinyl alcohol composes a mask. The mass that immediately cakes (about 20 minutes) after application thoroughly cleanses the skin of dead particles. Cosmetic properties: protection and cleansing. Alcohol is effective for any type skin type.


Glycerin is a natural product of plant origin. Vegetable glycerin facilitates the absorption of moisture into deep layers of the skin. It is an emulsifier and stabilizes the structure of the black mask. It does not cause allergies.


Glycol is a sensational skin moisturizer, effective for any type of skin. Propylene glycol is a versatile solvent used in many cosmetics also in black masks. It does not accumulate in the human body, so it is also used in consumer articles. No harmful influence on the skin or body was reported.


Fragrance applied to give Black Mask a specific scent.

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Availability of BlackMask ™ Mask

Black Mask ™ against pimples and blackheadd is available in the following countries: France and Hungary. In Thailand and Vietnam, it is called Princess Mask ™. Common names are: Royal Black Mask ™ and Black Mask Plus ™.

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Contact and price – Where to buy

To contact the manufacturer of the acne mask BlackMask, go to the official manufacturer / distributor page, which you will find above and use the contact form located at the bottom of the page in the footer.

Where to buy a mask?

The current price and best promotions are available on the official website – you have a guarantee of the lowest price and most importantly the assurance that you buy the original product. We warn you against the purchase at online auctions where fakes (e.g. from China) are often offered, which may even harm your health. The Black Mask manufacturer categorically declares that the only safe way to acquire a mask is via its official website and that it does not sell in any other way either through shops or auctions.

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