Health Benefits of Listening to Sleep Music – Can Relaxing Music Help You Sleep?

Health Benefits of Listening to Sleep Music – Can Relaxing Music Help You Sleep?
Health Benefits of Listening to Sleep Music – Can Relaxing Music Help You Sleep? Sleeping pillow photo created by gpointstudio -

Music has a tremendous and deep influence on the mind and body, affecting our respiration and heart rate, as well as activating the secretion of hormones and stimulating the emotional and cognitive parts of the brain.

The beautiful thing is that no single type of response to music exists. Different tempos, beats, and tunes can elicit a wide range of emotions. High-tempo music may get you pumped up and ready for the day, but peaceful, contemplative music can relax you and help you into a deep slumber.

In fact, there is scientific evidence that relaxing music might help you sleep much better. While everyone’s relationship to music is different, there is research backing calming music as a relaxant and stimulant for increased sleep quality.

On average, human beings spend about 26 years of their life taking a snap. This is equivalent to about 227,760 or 9,490 hours; you do the math. While this may seem like a massive number, wait till you find out that an average human spends around 7 years just ‘trying’ to sleep. Yes, that’s a good 7 years wasted.

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If you don’t want to spend 7 years of life wasted just trying to fall asleep, your eyes and mind should remain fixated on this article. Today, we’re going to make sleeping at night easier for you using sleep music.

Benefits of listening to relaxing music while trying to fall asleep

Sleep music or relaxing music contributes a ton to improve your life quality by essentially cutting down your stress levels. Here are some benefits of listening to soul calming, relaxing music.

  • It slows down your breathing and helps you transition into a better sleeping state.
  • It lowers your heart rate and combats high blood pressure.
  • It slows down your nervous systems and prevents negative or troubling thoughts from bombarding your brain cells.
  • It relaxes your muscles and fights any tension that’s building inside them.
  • It effectively plummets stress and anxiety levels among individuals and leads to a better quality of life.
  • It helps reduce pain and discomfort and helps your body transition into a more ‘painless’ state. This includes combating chronic pain and discomfort well.
  • It reduces sleep-preventing hormones like cortisol being produced inside your body. While doing so, sleep music triggers your body to produce sleep-promotion hormones like oxytocin and serotonin – the friendly hormones.
  • In the long run, sleep music enhances your quality of life as it helps you with sleep deprivation. While doing so, boosts your focus, innovation, inventiveness, stamina, and performance.

Using sleep music for a good night’s sleep

If you’re big on sowing seeds of sleep music into your night routine, here are some tips to help you.

  • Don’t use music that’s too ‘upbeat’ – Your mind and body are very responsive to music, so if you’re intent on falling asleep faster and better, you need to focus on slow and calming music. Slower music with slower beats helps your body synchronize heartbeats with the rhythm of the music. Slower music means a slower heart rate and better sleep.
  • Avoid songs that may incite some feelings inside you. You don’t want emotional triggers ruining your sleep.
  • Focus on a song that only has music and no lyrics.
  • Play relaxing sleep music on your TV or speaker. Using headphones and earbuds isn’t a great option as they may damage your hearing.
  • Stick with the music you choose, even if you don’t find it valuable initially.

Just download sleep music.

Listening to sleep music overnight using the internet can be tough, especially if your internet connection is not too dependable. Times like this call for sleep music to be downloaded right into your devices.

Pure Tuber

Pure Tuber is an application that can be used to download sleep music to your heart’s content from YouTube. Pure Tuber is available on both Android and IOS devices and has a powerful AI to bolster its functionality. It packs a dynamic YouTube mp3 downloader, using which you can download YouTube music for free on your device.

Other Features of Pure Tuber:

  • Blocks YouTube ads (Read more: How to effectively use YouTube adblocker?)
  • Download YouTube videos in HD.
  • Links your YouTube account and data.
  • YouTube videos can be played in the background.


To put it in a nutshell, sleep music and rhythms are an excellent way to induce a good night’s sleep and beat the negatives of a stressful life. Absorbing sleep music into your night’s routine can help you tons in achieving the quality of life you desire.

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