Acne in adults – prevention and treatment

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Trądzik u osób dorosłych – zapobieganie i leczenie
Acne in adults – prevention and treatment
Acne in adults – prevention and treatment

Acne is associated with a disease that mainly affects young people, especially those who are entering adolescence. This statement can be treated as a myth, because as it turns out, many adults are struggling with the problem of bothersome acne. However, what can be the cause of “adolescent disease” in people in their thirties or even forties and how to deal with its symptoms?

Acne is a skin disease characterized by numerous pimples, pustules, ulcers occurring especially in the face area. The cause of this condition is infection of hair follicles and sebaceous glands, occurring as a result of excessive sebum secretion. Adult acne (late) has only recently been classified as a disease separate from acne vulgaris. It can be divided into two categories. The first is the so-called surviving acne, i.e. the continuation of the disease initiated in the young age. Late-onset acne occurs only after the age of 25 and affects women much more often than men. Symptoms in adults are practically the same as in adolescents, some difference may occur in the location of the lesions. Unpleasant pimples usually appear on the lower part of the face – chin, cheeks of the lower jaw and neck. Often there are also bubble-shaped, large, red inflammations. Unfortunately, numerous pustules often leave scars that are difficult to treat.

The causes of acne in middle age are different from existing in youth. In adolescents, skin problems are usually associated with hormonal changes in their body. In the case of adults, this is rare, which is why prescribing hormonal pills brings little effect, and after their discontinuation, the problem recurs. The most common cause of acne in adults is stress. In situations of tension, our body intensifies the production of sebum. What’s more, stress affects the secretion of post-inflammatory neuromedicators. The resulting sebum clogs pores, and bacteria multiplying in the deeper layers of the skin leading to inflammation. Another cause of adult acne can be traced in an inadequate diet. Years of neglect such as eating fatty foods packed with chemicals produces its effects on the skin. Hot spices, a small amount of fruits and vegetables in a diet can contribute to the formation of subsequent efflorescence. An unhealthy diet causes a significant and suuden increase of insulin level in the blood, which can stimulate the production of androgens and consequently intensify seborrhea.

The reason may also be poorly selected cosmetics for the skin. Oily creams and alcohol-based tonics can clog pores and cause the skin to dry out, which also leads to seborrhea.


If you want to avoid acne in adulthood, you should first of all change your lifestyle, and most importantly – reduce unnecessary stress. If your work is associated with constant pressure or when problems at home bother you strongly, you should look for activities that will help you free yourself from destructive emotions. Relaxation exercises or yoga can be helpful. If simple solutions do not help, you can always consult your mental state with a psychologist. A healthy spirit is, primarily, a healthy body.

As a preventive measure, eating habits should also be changed. Eliminate empty calories and focus on a healthy balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals. In this, for sure, support will be provided by whole grain products that will help cleanse the body of toxins. B vitamins such as eggs, yeast or legumes will alleviate skin diseases. Everything that is natural, unprocessed and devoid of unnecessary preservatives will be your friend. During this time, sweets, especially chocolate, which tends to aggravate acne, must be eliminated from the menu. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prevent acne. It happens that the disease is genetically determined and even the best diet can not protect you against an unpleasant ailment.


Acne in adults is usually milder than in adolescents, but it is long-lasting, which means that it is more difficult to cure. Of course, at the first disturbing symptoms, you should contact a doctor who will choose the right dermatological treatment. It is absolutely not recommended to choose cosmetics for acne skin for teenagers by oneself. These types of products tend to dry out the skin, which in old age necessarily becomes drier. The greatest issue with acne in adults is the fact that standard acne therapy is ineffective, and antibiotics do not provide long-lasting effects. Therefore, a visit to a dermatologist and adjusting the therapy to the patient’s needs is necessary in the treatment of the disease. The best results are considered to be achieved by combining oral and topical antibiotics with preparations containing azelaic acid, salicylic acid and sulfur. Even before visiting a dermatologist, you can make several tests that will help the doctor diagnose the source of the problem. Blood tests focusing on thyroid hormones, sex hormones and the pituitary gland may prove crucial in this regard.

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When choosing cosmetics for acne skin, you should pay particular attention to their composition and function so that they help and not harm. The main goal of the treatment will be to strongly moisturize the skin of the face and regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands. Selected cosmetics should have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid, urea, aloe vera, which will strongly moisturize the skin will have beneficial effects. Collagen and vitamin B5 will help to rebuild tissue damaged by acne, and salicylic acid will reduce seborrhea. Camphor, silver, zinc oxide or linoleic acid will also help in the treatment of acne.

When struggling with adult acne, you should be patient. It is a disease that can be cured, although it takes time. Dermatological therapy, proper diet, stress reduction and proper selection of cosmetics will certainly make the skin, exposed to late acne, return to its former glory.

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