Increasing Sexual Satisfaction as You Age

Increasing Sexual Satisfaction as You Age
Increasing Sexual Satisfaction as You Age

There is a prevailing myth in modern society that as a woman gets older she is somehow not going to turn into the silver fox that a man her age would. This is due to a lot of factors, but you might be surprised to learn that much of this is due to Hollywood. You see, in the movie industry when an actress reaches the age of about 35 it becomes infinitely harder for her to get work – even if she’s a star!

Why would this matter to the rest of the women in the world? Simple, the media affects us because what we see over and over again tends to be what both men AND women come to see as the reality. Our brains can fight it, but only if we know what’s going on.

The true reality is that a woman is not like a plow horse that has seen her better days as she closes in on menopause.

The truth is, while a young teenage girl might be considered a cultural fantasy that society is obsessed with now – it was not always this way. In fact, as little as a hundred years ago, the experienced woman, the confident seductress? That was the woman many men dreamed of. Look at the classic movies and you’ll see not a giggling teenage girl in short shorts, but a woman in full possession of who she is. The smoky voiced women who communicated powerful passions and genuine capability with a single glance.

Getting back to that way of thinking is easy, but first we need to face the reality that our bodies do indeed change as we age. This is not even so much due to natural causes as it is due to the unnatural things in our diets and the highest levels of stress women have ever experienced in all of history. Think about it, we have not just the normal responsibilities of the home, but also having to work as incomes drop for both genders and things continue to get more expensive. Not only do we have friends, neighbors and family members calling our phones, now we take those same phones with us.

When they can’t call, what do they do? They text! And half the time it’s not even anyone we know – it’s a telemarketer or someone wanting us to support a charity when we barely have enough time to give ourselves one relaxing bath a week. Let’s not even get into what we get stuck eating due to frantic schedules that never seem to let up.

For all of these reasons women suffer a drop in a very personal area of their life: their libido. Millions of women are wishing they had desire. Since it takes longer to get started, they simply don’t start. Since they don’t feel much pleasure, they lay there hoping it will end quickly and that he won’t notice anything is wrong. In the end, they believe this is how things have to go – but it is not the way they need to go.

Today we have natural remedies like HerSolution and Provestra. Two simple pills, either of which can be taken daily to bring the body back into better physical health by filling in those dietary gaps and also by addressing female hormones that food designed for both sexes is not going to have. Women have needs men do not based on their unique chemistry. With Provestra and HerSolution, those needs are addressed by a blend of herbs that have been trusted by cultures all over the world for thousands of years to help women get their pleasure back.

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For an even quicker solution that any woman can apply in mere moments to enhance her sexual experience instantly and guarantee desire in the bedroom, try Vigorelle‘s topical cream or HerSolution Gel. Both of these offer 100% natural ways to revitalize the body and when you experience the soaring pleasures of sex again your spirit will be rejuvenated, too.

Don’t listen to the fear mongers saying age is a downward spiral because today there are answers that give us back our younger, wilder days any time we want.

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